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HOA  Assessment

Dear Owners,

The Landings Homeowners’ Association has set up a PayPal account to make it easier for you to pay your annual assessment fees on-line.

The Annual fees are currently $175.00 which may be paid in full by January 31st, or paid by installments.

The first installment of $100.00 is due by January 31st, and the remaining balance of $75.00 is due by July 31st

PayPal allows members the same options of paying in full or with installment payments. However, when utilizing PayPal, there is a surcharge for each transaction processed. (Please make your selection below).

Should you have any questions or concerns about paying online, please contact Association Services, Inc. (ASI) at (208) 676-8626.

Delinquent accounts will incur a 1% finance charge plus a $5.00 non-payment fee for each month payment is late.

HOA Assessment Fees:

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