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Architectural Control

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) consists of two Board Members and three Homeowner Volunteers who are appointed by the Board of Directors due to their expertise and knowledge of building codes. An approval by The Landings HOA Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is required before any work can begin on a fence, shed, shop, exterior structure, home modification or other major improvement.

No construction activity shall take place prior to receiving the approval of the ACC.  The ACC will take a minimum of fourteen (14) days and a maximum of thirty (30) days to review the application.  If alterations are made prior to approval,  the property owner may be required to return the property to its former condition at the expense of the property owner if this application is not approved wholly or in part, and the property owner may be required to pay all legal expenses incurred if legal action becomes necessary.

*A completed ACC application is required for each project.

*Upon completion of your project the ACC will require a final on-site review to sign-off of your project.

ACC Members –  Lee Lutovsky (Chairman/Board Member),   Anna Shaw, Karen Hanks and Ralph Perry (Board Member)

Send your completed “ACC Submittal Packet” to:

The Landings HOA
C/O Sentry Management
1110 Park Place Suite 101
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

Email scanned documents to Sara Masters, Account Manager at:

Questions: Call Sentry Management at (208) 676-8626