At Waterford


Please check out the new Board Resolution #3 (located at Documents/Articles of Incorporation and Resolutions/Resolutions) explaining the policy to communicate responsibility for the vegetation and landscape maintenance within the Landings community.

Please remember that snow removal around each mailbox area is the responsibility of each homeowner. If you are able to clear the snow in front of the mailboxes, please do so and help your neighbors out. Some mail carriers are not delivering or picking up mail due to the snow. Thank you!

The Board of Directors has been working with The Carrington Apartments to purchase and install six (6) new pet waste bag dispensers around the neighborhood! The locations have been chosen and the installation will take place this month, in May. With the convenience of pet waste bag locations, walking around the neighborhood will be easier for all pet owners. Cleaning up after your pet can be difficult and inconvenient at times, and the Board wants to make that a little easier for everyone in the neighborhood. If you notice that the pet waste bag dispensers are becoming depleted, please contact ASI, The Landings Management Company. We want to ensure that The Landings is an attractive, family and pet friendly neighborhood!

Dear Homeowners, spring is here and with it are the many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors of North Idaho! On behalf of the Board of Directors, please be reminded that pursuant to the 10th Amendment of the Landings CC&R’s, non-permanent basketball hoops must be stored out of sight when not in use. Members in non-compliance will be notified with a 1st Violation notice by the HOA management company and its agents. Please help us keep The Landings looking neat and attractive for all our residents! The City of Coeur d’Alene has provided permanent basketball hoops in The Landings neighborhood Public Park for your enjoyment.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Please remember that signs (including but not limited to, yard signs, for sale, political, etc.) posted within the common area(s) including mailboxes are prohibited.  If posted, these signs will be removed as soon as possible.  Thank you for your cooperation and help in keeping our community clean from unnecessary debris.

Thank you,

HOA Board

When walking dogs through The Landings, please make sure to promptly clean up after your dog. This is becoming a problem and should be taken care of by each dog owner. Residents and owners in The Landings are committed to harmonious living and preserving the value of their properties. There are stations located throughout the neighborhood housing waste bags. Please make this a priority when walking your dogs through The Landings.